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How to Crochet a 4th of July Coaster

Hi everybody!  What a beautiful day here in Phoenix!  Today I’m going to teach you how to crochet a coaster for the 4th of July.  Red, White, and Blue, here I come. lol  The pattern is my own and its very basic and simple.  Feel free to use it as you please and give me credit if you happen to think about it.  So without further ado…. Oh yea, if you don’t want to make them yourself but you prefer to buy them. I have a set of 8 for sale at :

meanwhile, here is the pattern:

Here is the video:

4th of July Coasters

By Toni Lombardi  copyright 2012

Materials:  One skein of each color yarn: red, white, and blue

Size G crochet hook

Work all rounds from same side.

Rnd. 1 : Start with red yarn and a “Magic Circle” and ch 3 then 12 dc in ring, pull up tight, change color without making a knot, sl st to top of ch 3. 13 dc

Rnd. 2 :  ch 3, dc in same place as ch 3, 2 dc in each dc around, sl st to top of ch 3 with new color. 26 dc

Rnd. 3: dc in same st as ch 3,* dc in next dc, 2 dc in next dc,* repeat from* around ending with dc in dc, sl st to top of ch 3. Break yarn and weave in ends.

And as always, May your handwork be blessed and your feltwork fulfilling!  Happy Creating!

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Knitted Felted Infant Beanie

Hi everyone!  Today we have a knitted felted beanie made just for an Infant.  Your babies will love this hat.  It is made of 100% wool and is snugly warm.  You can purchase it here:

If you want to make this hat, you will need the following items:  Bernat Felting Natural Wool (Folklore),  number 2 or second smallest round knitting loom.

Ewrap the first 5 rows then purl the next 5 rows, pull your first stitches over the pegs and knit over. This will make your brim.  Finish ewrapping to make the hat as long as you wish.  Use the gathering method to finish off. For more detailed instructions see my other post entitled “Loom Knitted & Felted Infant Hat” and use these instructions for the brim.   Whala!  You are done!  It takes no time at all and you will have a blast.

As always may your hands be blessed and your feltwork be fulfilling!  Happy Creating!  Toni

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Well, I found a great stitch to use as a potholder.  Its called the rib stitch in crochet.  I just love it!  It has depth to it which makes it perfect for a potholder.  Heres the pattern:

you will need:  worsted weight 100% cotton yarn, size F crochet hook.

Stitches used:  ch,dc, fpdc,bpdc, hdc.

1 skein makes 2 potholders.

Make a slip knot and put it on your hook. Chain in multiples of 2.  I chained 20. DC in 3rd ch from hook and in each ch accross.

Row 2:** * FPDC around 2nd dc, BPDC around next DC * repeat from *to* across, hdc in last dc or ch 2 made, ch 2 turn** repeat from ** to **  for entire piece.

If there is a fpdc put a fpdc and if there is a bpdc put a bpdc. Follow what the pattern does.

Watch the video. Click here.  This is super easy!  You will love making things with this stitch.  And as always may your hands be blessed and your fiber work fullfilling!                 HappyCreating !

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