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Loom Knitted & Felted Infant Hat

Hello there Friends & Foes and Happy New Year!  I wanted to start off this year with a new blog and a new idea.  These conjure up the image of the New Year Baby.  So in light of this occasion we will make an infant hat.

I number my looms by size. the smallest being number 1 and so on.

  1. We want to make the loom knitted infant hat.  So we need our number 2 loom,( which would be the size to use for kids if we were not felting).  And yarn.  I used Bernat “Felting” natural wool.
  2. We need to make our brim.  So we need to e-wrap our loom and e-wrap again and knit over to make our first row. Make 12 rows and stop.
  3. Place the loop from the very first e-wrap row over the corresponding peg. Do this all the way around. Knit over.
  4. Do 22 more e-wrap rows.
  5. Bind off with a tapestry needle going through each loop left on each peg.  Remove loops from pegs and pull up slack.  Stitch back and forth accros the top of the opening and knot off. 
  6. Watch this video on How to make a Flower on a Loom.
  7. Flower.  Make a flower with a flower loom and attach with similar yarn at petal ends.
  8. Add a pom pom if you like.
  9. Put the hat in a pillow case and tie a knot.  Wash with a few towels using soap, not detergent, in hot water for one hour and then check for size.  If its felted and the size is good then take out the hat and rinse in cold water and gently squeeze out the water.  shape and leave to dry on a towel in a dry place.
  10. Whala!  You’re done!!!

Thanks for felting with me and as always May your hands work be blessed!

Click here to watch the video on how to attach the flower to a Loom Knitted, Felted, Hat.

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