Something New Every Day

You know, everyday I make something. whether it be a bookmark, a batch of homemade lotion, or just a spritz to keep the bugs away.  I make something.  I forget that these things might be useful to all of you.  So I will try to remember to jot them all down and document them for you.  Yesterday I made a crocheted bookmark.  Not much for a day but I was a little down in the health department.  You see I have Fibromyalgia and Arthritis.  So some days even a bookmark is a hallmark.  Some days, I just create and create and create. lol  It makes me feel alive again.  It gives me purpose.  I feel the need to share my knowledge of how to do things with other people.  Its like I get to give back to the world for all the wonderful things it gives to me.  I feel truly blessed.

Back to this bookmark.  I still need to make a tail for it and then I will post the picture of it on here.  I just finished a childs purse (felted) and some 5 minute flowers.  Both of which I will take pics of and post on here.  I have a wooden table I need to finish next.   Oh yea, here is a pic a the socks I made for my daughter .  I made them on a loom. 

As always, May your hands work be blessed and your fiber work be fulfilling!

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