Fun with hats and other things

I recently decided to loom knit a white hat for felting and then felt some felt onto it and some wool and flowers that I crocheted.  I had a blast.  The picture says it all.  Then I crocheted a cigarette case and felted it. The hat is 26.99 and the cigarette case is 10.00 if you want me to make you one.  You can use them for lots of things other than cigarettes.  If you wish to purchase this case follow this link . Thank you.

cigarette case

If you wish to purchase this hat, follow this link

Flower Hat

Happy Creating!

Here is the pattern for the little crocheted flowers.

5 Minute Flower

Hook size G, worsted weight yarn.

Slip knot on hook and ch 2

Row 1:  10 sc in first ch, join with sl st.

Row 2:  ch 1 sc in same ch 1 space, 3 dc in next sc, *2 sc in next sc, 3 dc in next sc * repeat from * around.  Sl st to first ch, fasten off.  Leave a 10 inch tail to attach flower to whatever you fancy.

Find  contrasting button or other adornment to hot glue in the center.

As always, May your hands work be blessed and your fiber work be fulfilling!

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