Thick & Soft Scarf (made in an hour)

Soft and ThicK Scarf

This thick and soft scarf was  made with 100% Jiffy Thick & Quick Acrylic yarn.  So you can wash it over and over and it keeps its shape.  There is no shrinking because there is no wool.  I made this scarf with the biggest crochet hook I have and a treble crochet stitch in just under an hour.  And I have a gimpy hand.  So I will only ask 12.99 for this scarf.  If you want this scarf just follow this link  So lets get started.

First you need the largest crochet hook you can find.  I went to Wal-Mart and Picked out the largest hook they had.  Its light blue.  There are no markings on it. It is a size Q.

Next you need one skein of Jiffy Thick and Quick yarn.  This one was made with #214 Berkshires.

Loosely chain 10, treble crochet  in 3rd chain from hook and in each chain across,turn,* chain 3 then trbl in each trbl across*, turn and repeat from * until you use all the yarn on the skein.  The scarf is now the perfect length.  Be sure to work very loosely and have fun. 

 And as always May your hands work be blessed and your fiber work be fulfilling!  Happy Creating!

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4 thoughts on “Thick & Soft Scarf (made in an hour)

  1. Thank you for this pattern. I will try it.

  2. sarla.

    sounds so easy and fast, im on my way to buy jiffy yarn,ty,

  3. Eva

    got the hook ,now for the yarn,I will make this one.

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