Adult Loom Knitted Beanie

This wonderfully soft & squeezy beanie is so warm and just right to keep away the winter chills.  It is made from 100% Acrylic yarn.  It is on sale for 15.99 plus shipping.  If you wish to purchase one please follow this link

Loom Knitted Beanie

To make this beanie yourself, follow the instructions below.

Use a number 3, or second from largest, round knitting loom and one skein of Jiffy Thick & Quick yarn

E cast on entire loom and knit over.  Next do* 1 round purl and 1 round of knit*.  Repeat from * to * 4 times creating a Garter stitch Border.  Next ewrap and knit over next 28 rounds.

Wrap end yarn around loom one and a half times to get the right amount of yarn to finish.  Cut yarn.  Thread yarn onto large eyed yarn needle.  Working from the bottom of each loop bring needle up and to the right going counter clockwise back to where the needle was first placed in a loop.  Use the knitting tool and take off each loop.  Pull on yarn to tighten into small circle and begin to sew across making a star.  Knot off and cut end.  Weave end into top of beanie.  Whala!  You’re Done!

Enjoy your new hat or give it away to a friend.  If you’re not the type to crochet things like this but would like to have one or give one as a gift to a friend I sell the ones that I make since its my own pattern for a reasonable price.

As always, May your hands work be blessed and your fiber work be fulfilling!

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